Luc Themelin - Mersen CEO

Message from the CEO

We help to advance technological progress across the globe

"When it comes to technology, it’s not just about your level of expertise, but also whether you are using the right technology for the right job and how that affects your performance. Today, Mersen is internationally-renowned for its expertise and approach to electrical power and advanced materials, providing industrial companies around the world with innovative solutions to enhance the performance of their products and services.

To achieve this, our goal is to deliver the best possible solutions or processes by building on the products and services that provide the best fit. In our permanent quest for excellence, we put our technological expertise, constant innovation and close customer relationships to work on a daily basis.

As a partner striving to enhance the performance of your production operations, we play a central role in your technologies." 

Luc Themelin, CEO

The Group’s performance model relies on:


Our expertise offers new opportunities for future growth. From solar to wind, electronics and electric vehicles, our goal is to develop these markets through efficient sales, effective innovation and acquisitions.


The new organizational structure set in place by Mersen in 2016 means the Group is able to quickly identify the resources that can be shared within and between business segments to improve smart synergies. 
The prioritization of Technology and Innovation at a Group level will allow us to improve our R&D performance and transform that performance into commercial success.


In a world of constant change, we must constantly adapt to achieve Excellence. We must strive to excel in all of our fields and surpass our competitors.
Our employees are the key to our success, making their ongoing development a key priority.