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Jul 02, 2020
Mersen Power Transfer Technologies UK working with Mersen Benelux have started the in-situ machining of more than 90 brushed MA set DC motors at the customer depot. The MA Set commutators were showing signs of wear and tear over the [...]
Jun 24, 2020
Mersen's DS4 Ultra Fine EDM Graphite helps our customers achieve the surface finish and product detail they require along with cost saving benefits. [...]
May 28, 2020
Mersen would like to announce that Electrical Power recently became a member of the CPD certification service. This now allows Mersen to give CPD certificates to attendees of our surge protection training. [...]
Mar 13, 2020
On Friday 6th of March, Mersen Holytown, Stockton and Portslade celebrated International Women’s Day 2020. A presentation to showcase entries for a photo competition with the theme of ‘Challenging Perceptions’ was held across all UK sites. Congratulations to the winners [...]
Mar 04, 2020
To improve sales in the EDM sector of the Teesside site, the team have developed a webstore for EDM sales, giving our customers a quicker, more modern method of ordering. The webstore will help Mersen Teesside achieve a 24hr lead [...]
Feb 17, 2020
Mersen has been awarded a Bronze medal for its first CSR EcoVadis assessment of CSR commitments. This rewards the Group’s efforts in terms of business ethics, respect for environment and human resources, human rights, and purchasing practices. Mersen’s score is [...]
Dec 13, 2019
Once again, our Mersen UK Teesside team has celebrated the ceremony of the Long Service Awards. The company offered a breakfast to the awarded employees and their supervisors along with a certificate to recognise their contribution and commitment with the [...]
Nov 20, 2019
Adrian, one of our CNC Operators at Mersen UK Teesside, runs a boxing gym in his spare time supporting people of all ages in the Billingham area. His passion is to give young people something to thrive for, give them [...]
Nov 20, 2019
Mersen is a leading market player with innovative solutions in the field of lighting and surge protection. We are pleased to annouce we have a new brochure for Surge trap devices. For more information regarding this product range, visit our [...]
Nov 15, 2019
We are excited to introduce you to our new brochure for our Continuous Casting product. For more information regarding this product range, visit our page here [...]