Corporate Social Responsibility

As a major player at the heart of technology, Mersen is a committed partner to the companies that drive the industry forward and shape a more sustainable society.

Aware that its social and environmental impact must be constantly measured, evaluated and analyzed in order to be better managed, the Group has established a cross-segment CSR policy for all its employees and adapted to all levels of the organization.

Luc Themelin, Mersen Chief Executive Officer

Our sustainable development approach is present at every level of our business, helping us grow while remaining faithful to our values. Responsible and ethical development for sustainable growth.

Luc Themelin
Chief Executive Officer

Our 4 Commitments


Developing innovative and
sustainable products


Promoting environmentally-sound practices


The Group’s foundation:
Human Capital


Protecting the Group and
its reputation

Developing innovative and sustainable products

More than 50% of Mersen’s sales are linked to sustainable development markets.

The Group proposes innovative, effective, competitive and efficient solutions, which all contribute in some way to the fight against global warming.

Mersen operates in a range of cutting-edge sectors, including renewable energies, energy efficiency and clean transportation, and invests in research into new solutions for the green industry and markets.

Its solutions contribute to new progress in photovoltaic solar energy and the manufacture of wind turbine generators. It also works with hydroelectric generator manufacturers, and helps to improve the performance and reliability of the equipment and infrastructure used in new forms of urban mass transit and electric vehicles.

Promoting environmentally-sound practices

Supported by a dedicated organization, our environmental policy is based on taking action against climate change, the responsible use of resources and recycling our waste.

Taking action against climate change

The Group has made a firm commitment in the fight against global warming by pledging to reduce the intensity of the Group’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. To this end, Mersen plans to reduce its energy consumption and to increase the share of renewable energies used.
in its energy mix.

Responsible use of resources

The Group is seeking innovative ways to improve its water consumption. Mersen primarily uses water to cool equipment used in heating processes and systematically checks its quality before releasing it back into the water system.

Recycling waste

Efficient waste management plays a fundamental part in Mersen’s efforts to reduce the impact of its industrial sites on the environment, with priority given to increasing the proportion of waste that is recycled each year.

The group’s foundation: human capital

At Mersen, our corporate culture is above all a shared vision and a set of shared values that are the result of decades of ethical and responsible development and that shape everything we do. It is what defines us as a human company in the service of technological progress.

A wealth of diversity

We also firmly believe that promoting diversity will have a profound and positive impact on our organizations and business. Diversity is a key asset for Mersen, driving collaboration between teams and sparking creativity so that we can better understand the needs of our customers around the world. To preserve this diversity, our company culture seeks to inspire mutual respect and the appreciation of every individual, whatever their origin, and to combat all forms of discrimination.

Developing skills

Mersen operates in complex and competitive sectors and owes its leadership to its ability to adapt to technical and technological changes in its markets. Continuous skills development is at the heart of the Group’s human resources policy, which aims to retain existing talent as well as attract new expertise.

Health and safety: a constant priority

Protecting the health and safety of its employees is Mersen’s number one priority.

Our health and safety strategy is built on engagement, assessments, rules, training and analysis. Prevention and health and safety performance measurement are gradually changing the workplace for the better.

Protecting the Group and its reputation

Mersen’s development is driven by shared and mutual trust in all its stakeholders, be they employees, customers, suppliers, banks or shareholders.

The Code of Ethics restates our commitment as a group and as individuals to instilling and building on this confidence.

Any employee, person or third party can easily access one of the Group's whistleblowing systems to report any suspected violation of the Code of Ethics or Group rules. Reports can be made confidentially via the website
Reports received via the dedicated online form are processed centrally by the Ethics Committee, providing increased security for the whistleblower and a procedure that ensures the protection of personal data.

Internal staff can also use the email address

Code of Ethics
Whistleblowing System Procedure

Commitment and Ratings

UN Global Compact 

Mersen is a signatory of the UN Global Compact since 2009, whose 10 founding principles cover human rights, international labor standards, the environment and corruption. 

UN Global Compact logo

Mersen has been awarded the gold medal by Ecovadis

This award positions Mersen among the TOP 3% of companies evaluated in its category with the best CSR performance.

This certification is backed by a comprehensive set of criteria assessing the Group's actions and policies in terms of the environment, working conditions, ethics, commercial practices and responsible purchasing.

Mersen Ecovadis gold medal

MSCI ESG Ratings

In 2021, Mersen received a rating of A (on a scale of AAA-CCC) in the MSCI ESG Ratings assessment.

MSCI ESG Ratings