Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

We owe our development to a great extent to the trust and confidence that Mersen inspires in all its stakeholders - mainly our employees, customers, suppliers, banks and shareholders.



The code of ethics restates our commitment as a group and as individuals to instilling and building on this confidence. It is crucial for this code of ethics to be shared as widely as possible, so that everybody embraces our fundamental values. These values are critical to our development as a group.

The code of ethics applies to every Mersen employee, irrespective of his/her position, as well as to the members of the Board of Directors.

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Relations within the Group

Our corporate project relies first and foremost on the men and women who work for Mersen. They are the ones who possess expertise and develop innovative solutions. Their knowledge and their savoir-faire represent our most precious asset – our human capital. 
Driven by this core belief, we actively seek to develop our teams while relentlessly striving to guarantee their safety and security and their personal growth. We expect all employees to maintain a responsible attitude, regardless of their level within the organization.

The Group and its employees, officers and directors undertake:

  • Health & Safety
  • Harassment
  • Equal opportunities
  • Mutual respect

Relations with our customers, our suppliers and our competitors

Our business activities are built around two areas of expertise in which we hold leadership positions or are the joint world leader. By drawing on these areas of expertise, we design innovative solutions geared to the needs of our customers in order to optimize their industrial performance. Mersen group is thus committed to instill confidence in its customers.

The Group and its employees, officers and directors undertake:

  • Competition 
  • Active corruption
  • Passive corruption
  • Data confidentiality
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Choice of suppliers

Relations with our shareholders

Mersen's share capital is held by institutional and individual investors. Information released externally by the Group may be of great value for these investors. Every employee must take individual responsibility for ensuring the integrity and fair presentation of this information.

The Group and its employees, officers and directors undertake:

  • Fair presentation
  • Insider trading

Asset protection

The purpose of Mersen's assets is to enable each of our employees to work towards our common objectives. The employees, officers and directors have a duty to help preserve and protect the asset portfolio against any damage, theft or misappropriation.

The Group and its employees, officers and directors undertake:

  • Confidentiality
  • Use of corporate assets
  • Group's reputation

Undertakings as a responsible business

We strive to act as a good corporate citizen, factoring social, environmental and economic concerns into our activities and our dealings with third parties. All our employees undertake to act accordingly, while heeding the interests of all stakeholders.

The Group and its employees, officers and directors undertake:

  • Accuracy of financial statements
  • Environment
  • Sustainable development
  • Donation and patronage


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