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History: Mersen UK Teesside Ltd

Mersen UK Teesside Ltd

Mersen has always had a policy of external growth, with targeted acquisitions in its fields of activity.

Ralph Coidan Ltd was established in 1968, as a supplier for precision machined graphite components. In 1976 Ralph Coidan Equipment Ltd (Anticorrosion Equipment Business Unit) was formed to design and manufacture the HYKARB range of impervious graphite heat exchangers and corrosion resistant equipment.

In 1996, Ralph Coidan Equipment Ltd acquired the graphite heat exchanger division of Robert Jenkins Ltd and continued to manufacture the DELANIUM range of graphite heat exchangers under the Jenkins Heat Exchangers Ltd name.

In 1998, Ralph Coidan Ltd, Ralph Coidan Equipment Ltd & Jenkins Heat Exchangers were acquired by Le Carbone GB Ltd (now known as Mersen UK Teesside Ltd).

Mersen UK Teesside Ltd is fully integrated into the Anticorrosion Equipment and Graphite Specialities Divisions of Mersen and continues to be the centre of excellence for the design and manufacture of Graphite Cubic Block Heat Exchangers within the Mersen Anticorrosion Equipment Division.