Acid Processing Solutions

Hydrochloric acid - HCl Hydrogen chloride

Treatment, Recovery, concentration and dilution

Hydrochloric acid is an integral part of the worldwide chlorine industry. Most of the HCl produced is generated as a by-product via chlorination reactions. About 40 processes generate HCl as a coproduct and about 110 chemical manufacturing processes utilize hydrochloric acid as a raw material. 

Process Equipment and process technologies 

Since 1950, Mersen has developed skills in the production of HCl with worldwide references list. 

Mersen offers corrosion-resistant equipment and packages to treat (organic or inorganic removal), concentrate at any rate, recover, dry, dilute and liquefy HCl (from hydrochloric acid or hydrogen chloride).

Sulfuric acid - H2SO4

Concentration and dilution

Sulfuric acid is one of the largest-volume industrial chemicals produced in the world. It is used in applications such as the phosphoric acid, titanium dioxide, hydrofluoric acid, ammonium sulfate production, and for uranium processing and metallurgical applications.

Process Equipment and process technologies 

Mersen can offer equipment and packages to concentrate (from 10% up to 96%) or dilute sulfuric acid.  Mersen chooses & supplies the optimum material of construction for the particular service, whether that be

  • Graphilor® (impregnated graphite), 
  • Silicon Carbide or reactive metal (Zirconium or Tantalum) 
  • or other metals for the heat exchangers. 

Mersen will also use Armylor® (Fluoropolymer lined steel) piping and components 

A typical flow sheet for a triple effect concentrator from 20% H2SO4 to 65% H2SO4 is shown below.

Hydrofluoric acid - HF

Hydrofluoric acid is the raw material for the production of fluorocarbons. In addition, hydrofluoric acid serves as a catalyst in petroleum alkylation, a process used for gasoline manufacture. It is also used in metal treatment, uranium fuel production. HF is very corrosive.

Process Equipment and process technologies

As an expert in corrosion-resistant material, Mersen can provide equipment in graphite with an exclusive Teflon impregnation, named Graphilor XTH that can resist HF as well as Silicon carbide (SiC) heat exchangers. Mersen designs and manufactures dilution skid. PTFE lined pipes can also be part of the supply.


Process technologies

Mersen is the unique supplier to design, manufacture HBr synthesis unit in the world, with a deep knowledge of the process.