Hydro Energy

Power generation

Mersen is present on the hydroelectric market. The Group develops a broad range of solutions for hydro generators meeting both OEM and aftermarket requirements.

Carbon brushes, slip rings, dust collectors, brush holders

Mersen’s technical teams work closely with industry to develop engineered solutions and services to:

  • optimize brush performance
  • improve reliability
  • reduce unplanned generator downtime

Mersen’s carbon brushes are used on performance-efficient hydroelectric generator turbine ring applications. Our brush-holders and slip ring assemblies are designed to OEM requirements and guarantee excellent brush performance.

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Carbon dust collection systems

Mersen Dust Collector (Patented) Systems are designed to improve hydro generator efficiency by extracting over 90% of carbon brush dust at its source, avoiding dust dispersion and ensuring greater reliability for continuous power production.

Mechanical protection

Mersen’s comprehensive range of mechanical components are perfectly suited to continuous or alternating currents. Our self-lubricating carbon and graphite seals and bearings are proven solutions for energy production. 

Performance services

We offer motor and maintenance services: 

  • Diagnostics, on-site interventions, refurbishing and re-engineering of components
  • Training
  • Tools and measuring devices

Power distribution and management

Mersen offers a wide range of products dedicated to electrical solutions.

Power distribution

  • Fuses and fusegears

Power management

Electrical protection 

  • Overcurrent protection solutions to protect power modules and semiconductor devices.

Thermal management

  • Heat sink and cooling equipment to carefully handle power losses during semiconductor conversions.

Laminated bus bars

  • Conductor solutions for quality power distribution (laminated bus bar).