Thermal Energy

Whatever your source of electricity (coal, nuclear, fuel oil, cogeneration, etc.), Mersen’s extensive knowledge of the market enables us to develop products and services adapted to your requirements.

Conventional thermal power

Power transfer

Carbon brushes in LFC554

Mersen’s advanced grade LFC554 carbon brushes work efficiently with very high-speed modern power generators. GE, Siemens, Alstom, BHEL, Melco, Toshiba, Ansaldo, L&T, Jinan Power, Harbin, STG, Dongfang, Electrosila, Elsib, Privod, Doosan and Electrotyazmash are just some of the leading OEMs to have chosen the LFC554.

Brush gear systems

Mersen’s brush gear systems (also called generator collector assemblies or collector enclosures and housings) are designed for the continuous and safe transfer of high excitation currents to the rotor, ensuring optimum enclosure protection together with easy access and safe and low maintenance.

Plug-set brush-holders

Mersen’s plug-set brush-holders guarantee excellent brush performance and complete safety while replacing carbon brushes under load.

Turbine sealing

Mersen’s comprehensive range of mechanical components are perfectly suited to continuous or alternating currents. Our self-lubricating carbon and graphite seals and bearings are proven solutions for energy production (carbon seals, Papyex® gaskets).

Electrical solutions

Mersen’s wide range of products contributes to safe and continuous power management:

  • earthing
  • fuses and fusegears
  • electrical protection, thermal management, conductor solutions


We provide high quality engineered solutions tailored to different operating conditions, that are designed and tested for reliability and the optimum performance of carbon brushes, brush-holders, slip ring assemblies and brush gear housing.

Nuclear Power

Mersen delivers state-of-the-art technical solutions for this demanding industry.

Graphite and CFC composites

Graphite and CFC composites are the only refractory materials that are able to withstand experimental fusion environments. Graphite is also used as a moderator in nuclear fission.

Mersen also provides sealing and mechanical components that comply with nuclear safety requirements and graphite anticorrosion equipment.

Anticorrosion equipment

Mersen’s anticorrosion equipment are key components in handling nuclear chemicals, particularly hydrofluoric acid in production of uranium.