High temperature graphite and CFC materials

When process conditions require resistance to heat, aggressive chemicals, wear and retention of strength both before and during the manufacturing cycle.

Mersen has 120 years experience in providing advanced materials and expertise supporting material processing and heat treatment industries.

Knowledge of graphite and CFC materials, expertise in high temperature process technologies

Mersen offers components and materials designed to meet the most stringent production requirements in particular for vacuum furnace applications, metals processing and component handling.

Graphite and CFC process components and UK machining services

Mersen UK is recognized for its expertise in the design support and manufacture of graphite, insulation and flexible graphite components for:

  • Vacuum Furnaces
  • Continuous Casting
  • Sintering applications
  • High Temperature Moulds
  • Crucibles
  • Dies
  • Susceptors
  • Resistance Heaters
  • Rocket Motors