Reactor Overhead Condensers For The API Process

Reactor Overhead Condensers for the API process

One of the world’s largest API (Active pharmaceutical ingredients) producers, based in Europe, decided to modernize their Overhead Condensers, with the replacement of their old Korobon cemented graphite plate condensers.

The Mersen Cubic Block Graphite Overhead Condenser is the solution chosen by One of the world’s largest API producers, due to its GMP design features, compactness, and high thermal performance.

A long-term contract has been signed for the potential supply of 50 replacement units. The initial order for five Cubic Block Heat Exchangers has now been delivered and successfully tested on receipt by the customer prior to installation.

Mersen’s Cubic Block Graphite Overhead Condenser perfectly meet the constraints of the API manufacturing process, having the following GMP design features: -

  • Compact design with double drilling on process side
  • Superior phenolic resin impregnated isostatic graphite
  • Fully drainable process headers with no liquid hold up
  • No Process to Service Gaskets
  • Solid drilled one-piece core block
  • Vertical once through process holes
  • Easily dismantled on process side for cleaning and validation