In-Situ motor machining of a traction motor

Mersen Power Transfer Technologies UK working with Mersen Benelux have started the in-situ machining of more than 90 brushed MA set DC motors at the customer depot.  The MA Set commutators were showing signs of wear and tear over the years, with some motors flashing over and failing on the Class 455 Locomotives, causing train availability and reliability issues.

Mersen deployed the Motor Maintenance and Services (MMS) team in very strange times due to COVID, and started the machining of the DC commutators to return them to a near new state. The project will last 4 to 5 months.

Mersen have a vast amount of experience of machining Traction, industrial and power generation motors and generators, prolonging the life of their rotating machines and reducing downtime by doing this on site!  

If you have any motors or generators with commutators or slip rings in need of a bit of an overhaul please get in touch: