PTFE bellows and compensators

Carbon steel expansion bellows and flanges with a PTFE coating (Armylor® process)

PTFE bellows and compensators combine the high corrosion resistance of PTFE and its fantastic flexion capability.

Based on these two properties of PTFE, Mersen's products are suitable for work with all chemical products and compensate repeated thermal expansion in pipelines.

They are also widely used to protect equipment against vibration and piping loads.

Paste-extruded PTFE

All products are exclusively made with paste-extruded PTFE for the highest flex life, in both virgin or antistatic quality.

Key Features:

  • 3 and 5 convolutions bellows
  • Reinforced bellows for high-pressure service
  • Full vacuum up to 180°C
  • PTFE lined stainless steel compensator available for very high pressure service
  • From 1” (DN25) to 42” (DN1050) bellows and compensators are equipped with carbon steel flanges, PN10, ANSI 150 lbs or any other connection
  • Antistatic qualities available

Customer benefits :

  • High flexion capability
  • Most of the sizes kept on stock in Europe, China and USA
  • Protection of equipment and installation