High strength carbon and graphite materials

When process conditions require high strength, wear resistance, self-lubricating and thermal stability during operation

Mersen has 120 years experience in the production and processing of advanced high quality carbon and graphite materials and expertise supporting all mechanical applications.

Expertise on carbon and graphite grade selection for applications using Mersen advanced materials machined in our UK facility

Mersen offers component and materials designed to meet the most stringent production requirements in particular for aggressive sealing and bearing applications.

Graphite and carbon process components and UK machining services

Mersen UK is recognized for its expertise in the design support and manufacture of graphite, carbon and flexible graphite components for:

  • PTA mixer bearings
  • Self-lubricating bearings
  • High temperature bearings
  • Dry running bearings
  • Mechanical face seals
  • Segmented seals
  • Pump vanes and rotors
  • Slide bearings
  • Wear plates
  • Gland seals
  • Steam joints
  • Exfoliated graphite gaskets
  • Solid silicon carbide bearings