Mechanical components

Carbon and Graphite Components for High Temperature Mechanical Applications

Mersen has developed a comprehensive range of mechanical and friction components manufactured using its carbon, composite and graphite materials.

  • Carbon and graphite bearings, seals and vanes (guiding and sealing purposes in pumps and valves)
  • Dynamic sealing (seal systems for rotary shaft of fans, extractors, turbo-compressors, driers, water turbines)

In mechanical and friction applications, carbonaceous materials are superior to others and reduce costs by eliminating the need for lubrication. 

  • At a high temperature: their thermal stability and self-lubricating properties make them ideally suited for use at temperatures above 150 °C, in applications unsuitable for standard lubricants.
  • When lubricants are prohibited: certain processes prohibit the use of lubricants: Food preparation, pharmaceutical, and textile applications
  • In corrosive environments: the chemical inertia and corrosion resistance of these components allow their use in the most demanding environments.
  • When access to moving parts is difficult: in cases where maintenance and lubrication of inaccessible elements is problematic, choosing a solution with carbon or graphite components overcomes these constraints.
  • When weight is critical: the density of carbon or graphite components ranges between 1.5 and 2.5 g/cc, much lower than metals.


Mechanical components for aeronautics

carbon graphite aeronautics Mersen

Mechanical components for aeronautics

Aircraft mechanical systems in engines, air conditioning, fluid controls and actuation require Mersen's carbon and graphite components.

Mechanical components for pumps and valves

dynamic sealing pumps valves Mersen

Mechanical components for pumps and valves

For fluid flow control, rotary pumps are using Mersen' self lubricating carbon and graphite bearings, seals and vanes

Dynamic sealing

dynamic sealing

Dynamic sealing

Mersen's cost effective and reliable seal systems for rotary shaft of fans, extractors, turbo-compressors, driers, water turbines

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