Aircraft Industry

As a worldwide leader of high performance materials, Mersen has built over the years an extended expertise in the aircraft industry, representing millions of hours of operation.

Together with industry leaders, Mersen engineers work to unlock significant improvements in terms of aircraft weight, fuel consumption, total life cycle costs and aircraft reliability.


Optimal utilization of aircraft 


Mersen develops a range of carbon/carbon composite discs dedicated to aeronautics.

Onboard conditions

Mersen improves onboard conditions with key components for auxiliary motors and air-conditioning and for electrical power generation and distribution systems.

Technical performance

Mersen provides key components to ensure the proper technical performance of fluid controls, starters and generators, engines and actuation mechanisms.

Improved flight conditions

Tailored impregnation

Mersen develops carbon brushes dedicated to aeronautics applications that are self-lubricated.


Mersen provides brush-holders that are adapted to aircraft pressure systems.


Mersen develops wear-resistant composite materials.

High temperatures

Mersen develops components that are able to withstand very high temperatures and specific graphite grades for aeronautics.

Fewer cost constraints

Reduced energy consumption

Mersen contributes to reducing aircraft energy consumption with:

  • Improved electronics cooling
  • Turbine blade positioning devices
  • Components with lower friction rates

Extended maintenance cycle

Mersen allows aircraft manufacturers to extend maintenance cycle thanks to:

  • Dedicated graphite grades
  • Innovation to limit wear