Pure HCl gas production

Pure HCl gas production by synthesis unit and stripping with molecular sieve

The typical uses of pure HCl gas are high purity silicon for solar cell or electronics applications. It is also used in organic chemistry and various metallurgical processes.

There are two solutions to produce pure HCl, depending on the gas pressure, nature and quality of fed stream: by synthesis unit or stripping.

Key features:

  • Production of pure HCl gas at 2 barG by Synthesis Unit or at 5 barG by stripping unit
  • Process equipment manufactured in corrosion-resistant material such as Graphilor®3, Tantalum CL-Clad® or Armylor®
  • Armylor® piping
  • Instrumentation
  • Engineering documentation
  • Option: skid-package

Customer benefits:

  • Proven-in-use solution
  • Experienced partner
  • Reliable and corrosion-resistant solution
  • Customised solution

Material expertise:

  • Graphilor® 3 is the only impregnated graphite resulting from the combination between isostatic graphite and a specific resin.
  • CL-Clad® is a patented brazing process developed by Mersen.  
  • Armylor® PTFE is Mersen material made from PTFE or PFA.