Brushes for DC motors

DC motor carbon brush Mersen

Carbon brushes for DC motor in process equipment: traction motors, lifting, rolling mills, winders…

Mersen offers a wide range of electrographitic brushes, particularly adapted to DC motors (of which globally renowned EG34D, EG8220, EG319P, AC137, 2192, CB86 grades).

Electrographitic grades are prepared from carbon powders and coke; they are then subjected to high temperature thermal treatments (>2500 °C) to transform the basic amorphous carbon into artificial graphite.

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DC motors carbon brushes: main features

  • Specific designs
  • Selected materials
  • High quality tamping
  • Optimized cable dimensions
  • Good mechanical stability
  • High electrical conductivity
  • Low friction coefficient
  • High transient current density
  • Wide speed range (from 15 to 55m/s)
  • Brush wear indicator systems available as an option

DC motors: applications