Brush gear assembly housing


Safe equipment for continuous power generation

Mersen offer complete collector enclosures and housings (brush gear boxes).

Our collector enclosures and housings (brush gear boxes) consist of :

  • Metallic box according to high safety standards
  • Ventilation box customized with optimization of the airflow
  • Slip ring assemblies / complete frame and brush / brush-holder system
  • Brush-holder plug sets with brush stop function during exchange for high safety standards during brush change
  • Brush-rockers complete segments to easy fix the plug sets and connect the main cables including adjusting plates to set the unit to the centre of the shaft
  • All plug sets are adjustable to the slip ring diameter (remaining possible)
  • Shaft grounding can be included in the design

Generators and alternators

Generators and alternators

Mersen's enclosures and housings for generators and alternators

Current and signal transmission

Current and signal transmission

Mersen's collector enclosures and housings for current and signal transmission

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Brush gear systems

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