Corrosion resistant materials

World n°1 in graphite anticorrosion equipment

The Anticorrosion and Process Equipment Activity missions consist in designing innovative solutions for its customers in the following environments:

  • high temperature;
  • corrosion.

Mersen’s engineers design and manufacture solutions based on a unique combination of material and know-how.

Today, our customers acknowledge our expertise in improving their industrial performance in many fields.


Mersen, expert in graphite for more than 120 years, design and manufacture graphite equipment for the circulation, the heat transfert and the storage of highly corrosive fluids.

Graphilor® is a Mersen trademark material made of isostatic graphite combined with a choice of various impregnations.


Mersen’s R&D engineers have extended their expertise to reactive metals and have developed a unique brasing technology: the CL-Clad® with tantalum.


Armylor®, the PTFE coated pipe range, is the result of decades of R&D, combining processes and materials innovations to address the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

This equipment fulfills our customers’ demands thanks to our experience and skills in thermal design, process engineering and anticorrosion materials. 


Graphilor®3 Mersen


Mersen offer a range of 3 Graphilor® 3, based on various impregnations (phenolic, carbon and PTFE) which ensure the imperviousness, the resistance to corrosion and temperature as well as the long-term stability.

Reactive metals - CL-Clad®

CL-Clad tantalum Mersen

Reactive metals - CL-Clad®

Mersen has developed a specific know-how in the treatment, design and manufacture of corrosion resistant equipment from reactive metals (tantalum and titanium).

PTFE - PFA - Armylor®

PTFE PFA piping Mersen

PTFE - PFA - Armylor®

Mersen masters all PTFE manufacturing processes like paste extrusion process, isostatic molding and PFA transfer molding.

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